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Product Literature

Model Datasheet FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Model Datasheet (Spanish)   FT2A FT3    
Data Logger Datasheet     FT3    
Power Supply Datasheet All Fox Thermal Models
Instruction Manual FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Modbus Manual   FT2A      
BACnet MS/TP Manual   FT2A      
Profibus-DP / DeviceNet / Modbus TCP Ethernet Manual   FT2A      
Data Logger Manual     FT3    
Calibration Validation User's Guide     FT3    
Flowmeter Troubleshooting Guide     All Fox Thermal Models    
Product Literature
Fox Thermal Full Line Brochure All Fox Thermal Models
Comparison of Fox Thermal Flow Meters All Fox Thermal Models
Industry Product Summary All Fox Thermal Models
FC20 Installation Instructions FC20 Flow Conditioners (Instructions)
FC20 Flow Conditioner FC20 Flow Conditioners (Datasheet)
Sun Shade Accessory Fox Models FT1, FT3, FT4A & FT4X
Theory of Operation
Frequently Asked Questions
Flowmeter Features FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Procurement Specifications (.pdf) FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Procurement Specifications (.docx) FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Model Codes FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Display Configuration Codes   FT2A FT3    
Discontinued Products

White Papers

“Monitoring and Minimizing Packing Leakage from Natural Gas Compressors”

Packing leaks can be costly and impact emissions reporting requirements. This white paper is a review of the emissions flow measurement implications of regulations effecting the oil and gas industry.

  • Methane Emissions Regulations
  • Packing Leakage
  • Flow Meter Requirements
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Choosing the right manufacturer

“6 Things to Consider in Flare and Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations, and Challenges”

Measuring gas from flares and combustors can be a challenging and complex issue for professionals working in the Oil & Gas Industry. This technical white paper, helps operators through the process of choosing the right technology and manufacturer for their flare gas application in six easy steps.

  • Type of flare gas measurement
  • Common Flare gas applications
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Choosing the right manufacturer

“Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems”

With inline and insertion flow meters, you get precision flow measurement. Our white paper, describes how you can improve accountability, reduce waste and enhance emissions monitoring processes with thermal flow meters. Direct mass flow monitoring of natural gas and other fuel gases is the key to optimizing combustion processes and streamlining accounting procedures. Designed for easy installation in fuel gas and air feed lines, Fox Thermal flow meters can help you:

  • Analyze Demand
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Waste
  • Provide accurate reports for submetering
  • Facilitate custody transfer
  • Help resolve billing disputes

“Greenhouse(GHG) Environmental Monitoring Guide”

The US EPA has regulations pertaining to the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gases from several industries. This paper offers information on how the accurate measurement of greenhouse gases using thermal mass flow technology is ideal for the following applications:

  • Natural Gas Monitoring
  • Flare Gas Monitoring
  • Vent Gas Monitoring
  • Biogas and Digester Gas Monitoring
  • Landfill Gas Recovery
  • Wastewater Digester Gas Monitoring

Application and Industry Guides

Applications Document Title Download
NEW! Hydrogen Gas Monitoring
  Industries & Applications Where Fox Thermal Flow Meters Can Be Used
Natural Gas Natural Gas Applications
Boiler & Furnace Applications
Reduce Energy Costs in Process Heating
Advantages in Gas Applications
Combustion Process Optimization
Air Compressed Air Monitoring
Air Monitoring
Env/Emissions Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Guide
Digester Gas Monitoring
Biogas Monitoring
Coal Applications
Meeting Air Quality Management Requirements
EPA Title 40 CFR Part 98 Compliance
Oil and Gas Flare Gas Flow Rates
Vent Gas (Flash Gas) Flow Rates
Energy Accounting & Custody Transfer
Wastewater Wastewater Gas Monitoring
Coal Coal Applications
Mining Mining Applications
Landfills Landfill Gas Applications
Other Mixed Gas Applications
Pure Gas Applications
Aluminum Plant Applications

Application Optimizers

Gas Compressors

Fox Thermal has identified 3 key flow measurement points on Gas Compressors that offer the opportunity for users to optimize their process.
Download this Application Optimizer to find out how to avoid packing failures and better understand the relationship between the flow rates and potential failures.
Get your copy now!

Case Studies

Application Document Title Download
Natural Gas Thermal Flow Meter Calibration for Natural Gas Service
Wastewater FT1 Flowmeter Resolves Recalibration Issue for Wastewater Treatment Operator
Oil & Gas Monitoring VOC Emissions from Oil and Condensate Storage Tanks

Dimensional Drawings

Insertion Models
Local electronics, probe without retractor FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Local electronics, probe with retractor FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Remote electronics, probe without retractor   FT2A FT3   FT4X
Remote electronics, probe with retractor   FT2A FT3   FT4X
Inline Models
Local electronics, NPT end connections FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Local electronics, 150 lb. flange end connections FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
Local electronics, 300 lb. flange end connections       FT4A FT4X
Remote electronics, NPT end connections   FT2A FT3   FT4X
Remote electronics, 150 lb. flange end connections   FT2A FT3   FT4X
Remote electronics, 300 lb. flange end connections         FT4X
Retractors for Meters
Crank Retractor (local)         FT4X
Crank Retractor (remote)         FT4X

Software Downloads

Title/Description All Meters FT1 FT2A FT3 FT4A FT4X
FT View Software   (v 2.0.2) (v 3.0.1) (v 5.0.1) (v 3.0.3) (v 3.3.0)
FT View Software Informational Datasheet  
FT View Software Manual  
Download the VCP Driver          
HART DD        

Note regarding VCP Driver: When downloading FT View software, if the PC is connected to the Internet and running Windows® 7, 8, or 10, the PC will try to automatically load the VCP driver. If the driver does not load automatically, we have supplied a link above.

Other Brochures

Tech Tips Download
Advantages of Sensor Technology
The Importance of Straight Pipe Runs
CAL-V™ Calibration Validation Test
Calibration Brochures
Calibration Brochure
Other Brochures
Frequently Asked Questions

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